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This website is about giving power back to renters.

As a renter, landlords and real estate agents have access to so much information about you, but you don't get that same level of transparency from them.

Real estate agents often provide photos of properties that are years out of date, and don't tell you what it's like to actually live there. You don't get to enter into a new rental knowing how difficult it might be for you to request basic repairs to be completed.

This website is here to help.

It will always be free, and there will be no ability for landlords or real estate agents to pay for reviews to be removed.

Do your part to help your fellow renters by writing an anonymous review of your rental property or real estate agency.

At this stage, I'll be reviewing each submission each night and uploading the submissions to the page, so if you don't see your review immediately, don't stress!

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